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Dec 12, 2019 by SAVO

Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows hardware selection tips

Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows better insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, lighting area, good atmospheric corrosion resistance and other advantages, by a lot of consumers like. Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows are inseparable from hardware accessories, including pulley, sliding rail, connector, fixed bolt and crescent lock, etc., savo doors and Windows hardware system small make up and say the choice of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, should pay special attention to whether the pulley and sliding rail matching.

1. Choosing the right pulley is crucial
Pulley is an important part of aluminum doors and Windows. The height of the quality of pulley, to a large extent whether the door and window is easy to use. The quality of pulley is determined by the quality of its outer wheel and bearing. The outer wheel is usually high strength wear-resisting nylon or iron two kinds of material. Iron pulleys are stronger, but they make a sound when pulled; Nylon pulley pull no sound, called the silent pulley, is widely used in the market.
When window of window of aluminium of broken bridge of choose and buy commonly, businessman can recommend the double pulley that imports to you, this kind of quality is better, and also not very expensive.
2. It is also important to choose the matching slide track
The slippery track that door window USES has aluminium alloy and steel track two kinds of qualitative ground commonly. Strong and durable steel rail, aluminum alloy track noise less. The thickness of the track should also be considered when selecting. If the volume of door window is small, weight is light, can choose those cabinet a few more track; If the weight of the door and window is heavy, you should choose the thickened track to ensure safety and durability.
The key to a good slide is not the material, but to see how smooth the contact with the pulley in its track. Some people choose aluminum alloy track, too concerned about its coating, even think the darker the better. In fact, this is not right, because if the coating is not reasonable, it will destroy the surface finish of the track. The most important thing when choosing is to see whether the pulley is smooth and easy when the slide is pulled, and whether the noise is small.
Savo door and window hardware system always focus on independent design and development and continue to introduce advanced technology, innovation and enterprising, strive to improve the quality of door and window hardware, adapt to the development trend of the market, to meet different consumer needs.
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