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Dec 05, 2019 by SAVO

savo | good doors and Windows with good hardware

On decorating, the importance of door window (sound insulation, airtight, resist wind pressure to wait a moment) no less than floor, metope, of furniture choose; And in door window "room" bound, hardware fittings is the heart of door window, it is the core that supports door window synthesis performance. How much do you know about the heart of doors and Windows?
One, we often say door window hardware, what point to after all is which "five" gold? "
Door window hardware is a building door and window on metal and nonmetallic fittings collectively (not literally the five kinds of fittings), its action is to help door and window better open close, improve the performance of door and window whole (give priority to with safety performance especially). Distinguish by use, hardware of door window can include door lock, hold a hand, support block, hinge, hinge, close the door implement, bolt, prevent hotlinking, induction opens close the door device to wait a moment.
1. in the selection of hardware accessories, should try to choose the quality of guaranteed products. The quality grade of hardware fittings should be consistent with the quality grade of doors and Windows: the structure and shape of hardware fittings should be consistent with the profile, the color is harmonious and beautiful, the function is correct, the operation is flexible, the installation is convenient.
2.hardware fittings installation should be complete, standard, reliable, accurate location. After installation, the appearance of the door and window is beautiful, open flexible and convenient, must not have deformation, obstruct and the circumstance such as collision.
3.the hardware fittings of the exposed fasteners should be preferred to choose stainless steel products (take the hand as an example, a good hardware hand surface should be soft color, metal dazzle feeling is not strong, texture uniform and delicate). doors and Windows and large size of sliding doors and Windows should be closed with multiple lock points, otherwise the air tightness under the action of negative pressure difference will be greatly reduced; Considering the convenience of operation, it is better to use multiple lock point holder or actuator.
Choose doors and Windows, to choose good hardware, such as Germany savo doors and Windows hardware.
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