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Dec 09, 2018 by SAVO

10 minutes to introduce you to the door and window hardware system

The development of hardware fittings of door window and door window are divisional not open. Although door window hardware fittings is scattered, but the effect that unifuses together, it is extremely powerful really. Doors and Windows, relying on hardware accessories to complete the function of the doors and Windows, hardware is susceptible to wear and tear of the product in the building doors and Windows, and it is one of the activities of ordinary part at the same time, the choice of hardware fittings is good or bad will directly affect the quality problem of the doors and Windows, and the safety of the doors and Windows, air tightness and so on, if there is no high quality doors and Windows hardware fittings as a foil, there is no way to produce highly efficient performance of the doors and Windows products.
So, what is door and window hardware? How to choose door and window hardware? Salleo doors and Windows hardware small make up today for you to explain in detail the doors and Windows hardware system knowledge.
01 what is door and window hardware system?
Door window hardware is installed on building door window all sorts of metal and nonmetallic fittings are collectively referred to, have auxiliary effect when door window opens close. The surface is usually treated by plating or coating. It is firm, durable, flexible, economical and beautiful.
Door and window hardware can be divided into open and close parts, bearing parts, control parts, auxiliary parts, through the system matching and integration, services in the door and window system subsystem.
It also requires systematic technical support and after-sales service. We cannot simply talk about a single hardware product, nor can we abandon individual hardware components and talk about the concept of "door and window hardware system".
Should establish systematic idea, make corresponding plan to each kind of hardware product. In big "door window system" frame, profile, glass, glue, processing craft, even door window opens the change of means, need door window hardware to make corresponding change to better service at door window.
What is the influence of 02 load on door and window hardware fitting selection?
Load on the door and window hardware accessories selection requirements: hardware selection, to ensure that the doors and Windows of the three functions (wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness) and thermal insulation, insulation, sound insulation and other performance requirements. In 2012, the ministry of housing and urban-rural development reissued gb50009-2012 "building structure load code".
Various parameters such as temperature action, variable load, accidental load, permanent load, wind load height variation coefficient and mountain topographic correction coefficient (the term "correction coefficient" is provided by the industry encyclopedia) have been added and adjusted, and a lot of improvements have been made to the content and method of wind vibration calculation. The basic snow pressure and wind pressure of some cities were adjusted, and a new national basic snow pressure and wind pressure chart was drawn. It provides a more detailed theoretical basis for our calculation.
How to calculate the lock point formula?
The calculation of the number of lock points is complicated. Here, a simplified calculation formula of the number of lock points is recommended:
Set n one lock number; W one wide; H one height; Wk 1 standard wind pressure; If the safety factor is 2.5 times, then n=W×H× 2.5×Wk/0.8
Calculation example:
In a certain building, Wk is calculated to be 2.2kn /m, and the number of locking points required for Windows with height of 1.2, height of 0.6 meters and width of 0.6 meters is determined: N=1.2×0.6×2.5×2.2/0.8≈5(1)
After determining the number of lock points, it is necessary to select suitable hardware categories according to the profile profile shapes of doors and Windows. Different hardware class, the shape of lock point and use way are not identical, the hinge that opens a window commonly or slippery prop regards lock point.
How should the hardware of 04 aluminium alloy door window choose?
(1) first of all to consider the doors and Windows required wind pressure performance, gas tightness performance and stability;
(2) select quality guaranteed hardware manufacturers and reasonable hardware accessories by the size of doors and window sashes, aspect ratio, profile section shape and opening method;
(3) when there are wind pressure requirements, according to the local wind pressure standard value and the height of the floor, to determine the number of lock points and layout plan, to ensure the required wind pressure performance of doors and Windows, air tightness performance and stability requirements;
(4) ensure safety: at the same time, consider the factors determined by the width and weight of doors and window sashes to select the load-bearing levels, specifications and dimensions of window hinges (hinges), sliding braces, pulleys and other load-bearing components.
05 do a door window system is should decide door window profile first, still decide hardware fittings first?  
When considering the problem of hardware selection in the door and window system, it is necessary to have an overall research and understanding of the door and window system above all. In particular, the design and selection of profile size.
Can say, do not have good profile cornerstone, what kind of hardware also does not give good door window eventually. To the profile and hardware to comprehensive consideration choice, pay attention to do not select the profile, then choose the hardware. This kind of circumstance can cause the hardware that because profile is not standard sometimes cannot find to match.
Now most of the real estate business will be a comprehensive consideration of profile and hardware after the cooperation, and then give a choice. The choice of accessories should consider its universality and rationality, at the same time should consider the production of accessories technology and material quality.
How to adjust the door closing force?
Step one:
Door closers only installed in the upper door leaf near the hinge side, one end of the speed adjustment screw on the body, face the hinge, otherwise, the goalkeeper can't normal open, if forced open, door closers, door leaf and door frame on the groove will be destroyed, use four screws to fix the body on the door leaf, then the lever into the upper gear shaft, and the other end cap, screw fastening screws.
Step 2:
Install the connecting rod. With two screws, attach the connecting rod to the door frame. Hold the connecting rod at right Angle to the upper door frame. Loosen the lock nut, adjust the connecting rod to the appropriate length, gently plate the lever, so that the lever pin is inserted into the hole at the end of the connecting rod, check that the connecting rod is at right Angle to the upper door frame. Put the washer on and tighten with the semicircle head screw. Lock the nut and install it.
Step 3:
Closing speed has been adjusted. If you need to change the speed, please turn the speed adjusting screw according to the diagram.
Construction and principle of built-in door top closers
(1) construction: the built-in door top spring is composed of the hydraulic buffer spring mounted on the door, the slide and slider mounted on the door frame and the link rod. Since the built-in door top closers are installed in the grooves of the doors and doorframes, they do not affect the appearance of the doors when they are closed. They are suitable for the doors of high-end hotel rooms.
(2) principle: the hydraulic buffer spring gives the link rod a restoring torque, making the link rod rotate in the direction away from the hinge, so as to drive the slider to move in the direction away from the hinge in the sliding channel and achieve the purpose of closing the door. There is a temporary locking card at the front of the slide. When the door opens to the right Angle position, the slider moves to the side near the hinge. The locking card enters the tongue groove at the front of the slide to temporarily lock the door in this position.
What should be paid attention to when adjusting the door closing force?
(1) outer-mounted door top closers are not suitable for two-way door opening.
(2) speed adjusting screw controls the switching speed of the door. Clockwise rotation is slow, counterclockwise rotation is fast.
(3) other screws and sealing parts shall not be unscrewed at will to prevent oil leakage.
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