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Dec 09, 2018 by SAVO

German SAVO doors and Windows hardware accessories distinguish between genuine and fake

German saliao hardware, have bigger in Chinese market hold PARC, the quality of hardware is second to none, very salable, also because of this, the market is fake, copy goods is rampant, with false and confused, bring about a lot of customers to be deceived, now, saliao window hardware small make up teach everybody how to distinguish the hardware fittings of door window?
1. look at the color, the color of the genuine accessories bright, fake accessories bright and dirty;
2. look at the workmanship, genuine accessories fine workmanship, fake accessories rough workmanship;
3. listen to the sound, the original parts fell to the ground, the sound is very clear, fake parts sound low stuffy;
4. weigh the weight, the real parts in the hands have a heavy feeling, the fake parts in the hands are light, no texture.
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