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Dec 09, 2018 by SAVO

Introduction of German brand SAVO salio door and window hardware

German companies tend to be "small companies" and "slow companies" focusing on a certain area and product, but there are few "bad companies" and absolutely no "fake companies". It is well known that Germany is the world leader in industry, and its manufacturing and design talents are almost unmatched. This article lets everybody see the SAVO door window hardware of high grade German brand!
SAVO doors and Windows hardware, is a German brand.
Savo is the world's doors and Windows hardware leadership brand, Savo products not only have reliable mechanical properties, and luxurious appearance design, we use the singleness of the heart of the craftsman, strives for perfection the spirit of make each piece of products, business throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and other regions of most countries, over 60 years of industry experience is dedicated to the world top high-end projects to provide high performance Windows and doors hardware system, the aim of Savo is combined with customer demand for the project to provide tailor-made solutions and the local market.
Most German enterprises are world-renowned companies with over 100 years of experience and highly focus on product quality and value, also known as "hidden champions". This is objective condition, the main or German rigorous, scientific working attitude. After the second world war, Germany in ruins, the factory start to mill, the biggest companies are less than one hundred people, but its research thorough, even for generations to study only one stitching needle, which once their products enter the international market is irreplaceable, even if the United States make mark appreciation, also can't break the German trade surplus, with wealth flows, realize the virtuous circle, finally realizes the economy to take off again.

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