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Dec 09, 2018 by SAVO

Hardware in Windows and doors

Door window hardware is installed on building door window all sorts of metal and nonmetallic fittings are collectively referred to. Auxiliary function rises when door window opens and closes, have firm, durable, agile, economy, beautiful wait for a characteristic. Doors and Windows hardware can be divided into building door lock, hand, stay, hinge, door closure, handle, bolt, hook, anti-hotlinking, induction door opening and closing device.

The stand or fall of window window hardware can affect the life of whole window directly
The stand or fall of door window hardware quality also has certain effect to the life of door window. Generally speaking, the service life of anti-corrosion and anti-rust hardware is 10 years, which is enough to meet the needs of normal building doors and Windows. The expert points out, good hardware looks should appear thick, and surface glossiness is close friends, protective layer is dense, did not touch scratch phenomenon, the most important bit is open should agile.

Window hardware will affect the physical properties of doors and Windows
The durability of the physical properties of doors and Windows is directly related to the structure and performance of the hardware. After opening revolving window to enter industry of door window of our country building, because its have good physics and performance of use, this kind of window model already accepted for countryman step by step. The inspection results show that the air tightness and water tightness of the doors and Windows can reach the first level of the national standard. The structure of this kind of hardware and profile system that door and window trade of our country USES at present is same with the current system of Europe mostly. Its characteristic is besides 4 sides of window sash can lock at the same time outside, hardware system can realize window sash to be opposite at window frame 3 dimensional adjustment, utmost ground ensured door window each performance is in optimal condition.

Doors and Windows hardware will affect the economic performance of doors and Windows
Building doors and Windows industry also exists fierce market competition, can get rid of single price competition to create a benign market environment one of the important ways is to constantly enrich product functions, with technical advantages to expand product profit space. And the important link that can enrich door window product function is door window hardware. In addition to the above open flip hardware, parallel push and pull up and lift push and pull as well as skylight and hanging window accessories are new hardware systems introduced into China by Europe in recent years. At the same time, the hardware of same open way has different structure form and corresponding profile form a complete set again, the product of different material material also provided multiple choice to the market because of its different price.

Hardware looks like tiny, but the door window such as connection aluminium alloy, model steel, real wood is playing main effect. Accordingly, when installing, maintain door window, choose the hardware with outstanding quality to be very important.
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