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Dec 09, 2018 by SAVO

The choose and buy key of door window hardware, do you know?

Although hardware is the small fittings in door window decorates, but it is small supporting role by no means, door window depends on hardware fittings to complete the function of door window namely, so absolutely cannot ignore the action of small door window hardware. When everybody is in choose and buy, want to pay attention to the hardware fittings that chooses appropriate high grade, such conduce to door window function plays a role better and prolong service life.
The common open way of door window has push-pull, level open, hang on, the hardware fittings that place USES also should accord with it. The following is the door and window salio hardware small make up a few common door and window hardware and the suggestion of choose and buy.
1. holding hands
Used for open Windows. Is used to realize the window sash switch movement of a device, at the same time, but also has the lock and seal role. When everybody is in choose and buy, notice hand weigh in hand to have weight feeling, coating even, the surface does not have apparent Nick, do not have the defect such as pile lacquer to be able to.
2. smooth
The utility model relates to a linkage type movable link device for connecting a window sash to a window frame so that a flat window sash can be opened and closed. The choice of slippery prop should decide according to the weight of window and window model size. When everybody is in choose and buy, can choose stainless steel, and the surface cannot appear the defect such as edge, Nick, burr.
3. hinge
Used for opening doors and Windows. Everybody should pay attention to the material of hinge when choose and buy, avoid by all means the hinge that chooses zinc alloy casting. In addition, also observe whether the surface of the hinge smooth smooth, pay attention to the hinge spring reset performance.
4. pulley
Pulley is the fitting that cannot ignore in sliding door window, good quality pulley can promote the push-pull of door window to use. You can choose to buy stainless steel material pulley, pay attention to the material of pulley frame and pulley whether to use needle roller bearing or ball bearing, observe whether the bearing is installed closely, whether there is noise when sliding.
5. half moon lock
Most of them are hook locks between fans. We should choose stainless steel or aluminum alloy to make appropriate.
6. hinges,
Choose the trifurcated hinge with the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, high strength, convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible opening and closing, noise reduction, etc., for the best.
7. Sealing strip
Sealing strip is having sealing in door window, waterproof, sound insulation, dustproof, shockproof wait for effect, must have very strong tensile strength, still need to compare good resistance to temperature sex and ageing sex. When the choose and buy must not choose to have pungent peculiar smell, the price is very cheap and the appearance is not bright.
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